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Alec is not happy about the idea of going to [community profile] checkin

Wait... what? You told me that if you were going to send me somewhere, Magnus was going to be there and it was going to be somewhere 'quiet'. Yeah that hotel sounds quiet but it's also the Hotel California!

[Alec might struggle with some aspects of Mundane culture but he knows that reference even without Magnus or Clary's help.]

Why would I want to go to a hotel you can't escape from?

I thought we had an agreement. I'd go to that space ship and that other place you're planning but nowhere else. If you have to send me somewhere else, why not try that place you sent Ms. Rand to a couple years ago. That should be quiet and I'd be able to help the people there. This... this is going to be a disaster.
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It's funny how often they break those agreements, isn't it?
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[He nods.] I've been told mine is usually good about such things as well, but I'm rather new to this whole thing, and she's broken one promise already.
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The hotel sounds absolutly dreadful. My... mundane had a look at it and thought it looked 'interesting'. [He shudders.] I'm hoping she'll send someone else, if she sends anyone...

I'd imagine they're forced to interact with each other. Either that, or do a hell of a lot of drinking.
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Is it working, or does she still want to send you there?

[He shudders. He's heard about these 'plots' too.] No alcohol? My God, the place is worse than I thought.
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Is the other place any better?

Yes, it does. Of course, there are those who like that sort of thing.
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Well, that does sound like an improvement over the hotel. Then again, what wouldn't be?

[nods] I understand. I've heard those rumors, too.
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I'm sorry to hear that. [He gets a sympathetic look.] Hopefully not. [He shivers a bit.] Yes, mine likes this 'angst' as well. It's really quite distressing.

I certainly hope not. [But 'nothing worse than canon' still leaves so much room for... well, it leaves a lot of room. Poor kid.]

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You can check it, but never leave.

[ What, he gets that reference. He's been around all right?]