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We're Back


We're doing this again?


... I'm looking at the Book, see if there's a spell against people have 'nostalgia binges' and thinking it's a good idea to interfere in my life.
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Aww! I'm so sorry to hear that, I really am! But-- no, I don't think there is a spell to keep typists out of your life... Unless, of course, you want to land in Azkaban, or something equally heinous and American-- given your accent-- prison. I mean, I could teach you the Unforgivable Curses, if you really wanted to land in gaol-- given that they're Unforgivable, of course... The use of them on another person, if you're not an Auror-- a Dark Wizard catcher, you see... Well... I dunno if we're even from the same bloody universe!
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Oh yes? Well, then, I guess it is a completely different universe you come from. I mean: as far as spells go. Well. I dunno of anything, short of torturing them out of their interest, killing them, or divesting them of their interest with a-- Memory Charm, which isn't actually Unforgivable, but-- well... It is bad news, anyway, because there's always the chance the wrong memory gets erased, you know?
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Oh, you know... Very irresponsibly, really. I mean, honestly? The fact that we have to actually outlaw some spells, should tell you everything, really.

Or--. Well--.

Almost everything at least! [She smirks slightly at the young man's shock.]

[["Young man"? Seriously, Maria? You're actually going to call him young, when he might well be older than you?]]

Oh bah, typist! He's obviously younger than me! I mean, look at that ickle little baby-face....

[[Maria, dear, really now: don't pull that "baby face" shit with me; I mean, I'm so much older than either of you!]]
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Magic for "personal gain"? Seriously, how is magic not inherently about "personal gain", kiddo?

[[Maria, really, do not start! I mean, seriously: you may feel older, but-- you are almost always played at nineteen or twenty-- not even legal for alcohol, in the States!]]

Oh bah, Typist.... Honestly: I do feel so much older than this bloke, because I have been through a great bloody wizarding war!

[[And Chris here, hasn't? I mean, seriously, though: I do think he'd understand even your "my brother is EVIL!" affair...]]

Wait: you have an "evil" brother, too? [And now Maria grimaces slightly in pain and obvious empathy] You have my sympathies, really....
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[Oh, don't worry, Chris, she can take sarcasm with the best of them; she'd claim she practically invented the artform, in fact! Although: the question of who is the "most evil being in all of Creation", just might turn her head a touch to the side]

I'm sorry, but-- you cannot have the "most evil Being in the whole world" as a brother, because last I heard the measure of evil wizards, there was one man who absolutely topped the list-- and he was an Only Child.... So, yeah, I doubt you can really claim to have the most evil Being of Creation, as a Brother, but-- you definitely have my sympathy for the mess those damned Typists put you in with the rest of it....
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[[Awww, poor Chris.... Wyatt really did do that, didn't he? x3 <3]]

Oh bloody Merlin, are you serious?! I mean--. Sorry. Sorry, of course you are... Serious, that is to say.... And speak of Black sheep of the family...

[[Awww, are you missing your boyfriend Sirius, dear? xD <3]]

What. Boyfriend!? What!

[[Aww, Maria, really now: don't be so bashful just because he's always teasing you about what your brother did?]]

Shut up, Typist!

Anyway, I am so sorry to hear about your world being-- destroyed? It was destroyed, I take it, by your brother?!
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Oh dear Merlin, of course he's real.... I mean, seriously? Why wouldn't he be? Especially if bloody Excalibur's real, too.....

[And Maria trails off, turning suddenly a little pale at the thought of being "threatened at sword point" by her brother, and then, of course, what he really did to her...]

I-- I do know what you're feeling, actually: the betrayal, the sense of-- of powerlessness in the face of your beloved big brother? Yeah, I've been there, too.... I mean, my brother, Matthew by name, actual-- actually. For some reason, after Lord-- Lord Mouldy-more dis-disappeared in the Potters' house... Well, he thought somehow, that a novice Auror would be privy to all the intelligence that the Ministry had on his-- precious Dark Lord. He-- he broke into my flat, and-- and attacked me.... [She grimaces as she recalls the entire ordeal.] I mean-- he tortured me for-- who knows, really? I mean: under the Cruciatus Curse, there's no telling time, really! Could've been hours, could've been bloody days, but-- at long last, I got my wand back from him, and-- and killed him, accidentally of course, but- -still.... I killed him!

[[Except for those rare AUs I could write for Matty-boy living and you dying...]]

Shut UP, Typist!
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Oh dear Merlin.... [[So sorry, Chris, but-- she can't exactly break herself of the habit so quickly as this, especially not when the alternative is praying to a Lord God in Heaven, who actually seemed to Lead Matthew to Lord Voldemort!]]

I mean-- oh my God, I'm so sorry... I mean, powers? New powers?! Wait, what sort of powers? Like, sudden abilities to create some sort of Transfiguration, or Potions? Or something else-- like, say, Animagi transformations...?

[All right, now that he's actually made a congratulatory comment upon the death of her brother, Chris is getting a dead eyed stare, himself.]

Oh yes? What if I told you that he was supposed to just be knocked out by the spell I sent at him? Would you still call it a "good job," then? I mean-- I would have infinitely preferred to see him live to actually regret his life choices, than to-- to bloody well die at my hands.... [She looks down at her hands, contemplatively, as if actually seeing the blood that he never even shed under her over-powered hex...]
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[Maria is really quite pallid, now, especially given the subjects they're simultaneously broaching: namely, her brother's death, and the tortures and powers that Chris's brother had.]

Oh-- oh... I mean, oh my God, I don't think you really are from our universe. I mean-- honestly, the material-- the metal for the daggers has to come from somewhere. It's a basic law of physics, after all....

And-- as for my brother's death-- how could I have talked him down from what he was doing? Whilst he was torturing me, making me scream and beg for mercy?? I mean: I didn't even know the sorts of buggery he was into, until-- until that day in my flat.... I would give anything to have a chance to talk him down from this horrid path he chose! ANYTHING, do you hear me, God?! [[Yes, I hear you just fine, dearie...]]] Oh SHUT UP, Typist! You're not funny!

[[Aww, poor Maria, thinking of her big bro has obviously upset her something terrible.... If only he were still around! x3 <3 Oh wait, I know.... ; ) ]]
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Oh Merlin, I think they already have ideas!

[And as for Maria: well, she is already awash in alcohol: Fire-whiskey, in fact! With another empathetic grimace, she offers him the bottle...]
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What Book do you speak of?
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And it holds...spells? Does your family practice magic?
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Does your family live amongst the Fae or amongst Humans? (A strange occurrence and she can't help being curious. He looks Human enough.) I am. My name is Maleficent.

(She stretches out her wings with a little show of pride.)
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How strange! And they accept you? (Her question is soon answered and her expression falls.) ...why do you help them if they won't accept you?

(Any praise of her wings is met with a happy blush.)

I can! I've traveled above the clouds.
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That's very selfless. (And kind. She's impressed by it - and saddened by it.) Orb? How do you orb?

(What does that mean anyway? Her face scrunches in confusion.)
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(She gasps and spins around, following the lights in wonder. The only time she has seen something similar is when the water Fae play at night.)

Can you travel far?
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She's the happiest tiny Faery! Which just makes me hate Stefan more.

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(Maleficent has no filters. She speaks her mind with the openness and naivety of a child - because she is one. Sixteen might be considered an age where some childish ways are disposed of, but that isn't so for her. There is much about the world she doesn't know.)

You should be careful not to Orb somewhere hostile! (It's fun until you get stabbed or cornered.) If someone is scared, they might attack first without asking questions.
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I'm pretty sure what you're looking for would fall under the "personal gain" category, Chris.
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Welcome to the mun headspace, dude. Do you at least have some good company?
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That sounds pretty awesome. Yeah being tossed around by the mun's gonna suck, but you can't go wrong with company like that.
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[sorry, Chris, she can't help but feel amused] I don't know, Chris, she might do you some good.
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She's more than a nanny, Chris. She's a no-nonsense woman that helps you realize the importance of family and all that jazz.
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There's nothing wrong with someone looking after you, Chris. That's what Whitelighters do, after all. Just think of her as a pseudo-Whitelighter.
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Let's put it this way: would you rather put up with that or with all the things that might go on in a game?
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That's what I thought.