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Raymond Reddington ([personal profile] theskyisred) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2015-03-30 08:47 pm

Canon is the Blacklist.

You. Mundane or whatever it is you call yourself.

I thought we had an understanding. I thought we were connecting.

Frankly, I thought you knew what the hell you were doing. But you clearly don't.

You crossed a line. The line. She wasn't to be hurt, not ever. Certainly not by you.

And there's absolutely nothing I can do to you other than not speak to you. Which hardly seems enough.

I hope you realize, if I could I would kill you for this.
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[personal profile] keenagent 2015-04-04 08:26 am (UTC)(link)
I doubt threats will get you very far.
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[ unfortunately, liz doesn't exactly share his enthusiasm. ]

I'm fine.