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...You /Actually/ Did This

Didn't we already have this talk, Mun? About how I wasn't even sure what I wanted at 16, so there was no point trying to age me up? And... you go ahead and age me up anyway.

Whatever; complaining at you is like talking to a brick wall, though I might actually get some conversation out of the wall.

It's not like there's anywhere that's going to take me on. And as for my 'canon'? Yeah, high school was such a pleasant and memorable time. I'd really like you to base everything on that.

Figure out what we're doing here. I'll be in the back, with the bottles of stuff that doesn't actually get me drunk because of that whole higher internal temperature thing.

And if you actually sign this with 'Peace, out', I'll rethink my policy on roasting people.
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High school wasn't all bad, Warren.
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[There's a mix of annoyance and fluster in her expression.]

You're telling me you don't have any good memories over those four years?
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It's not a super gang. Just....good networking.

Anyway, it was hard for any of us to wonder anything since you basically fell off the side of the planet. What have you been doing?
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[Flustered takes over as her face reddens.]

That's not any of their business.
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[Her face scrunches slightly in frustration.]

You know what, never mind that. I want to know what you've been up to.
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How about a friend? Is it something a friend should be worrying about?