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It's been, what, two years? And you just think you can walk in and pick me up again like it was yesterday.

You've got some attitude to you, I'll give you that.

What are you actually trying to do here? Give yourself some inspiration for writing, or just killing time? Don't know if I appreciate being fodder for either, but I think a straight answer would be better than you trying to kid yourself. And wanting to make an account for an older me? Dude, I dont even know what I want to do next week, let alone what I'd be

Seriously. You even thinking about this?

And you just re-watched the movie. You know I don't do people. Stop trying to change that.
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I don't blame 'er. Him. Them. Wev. You are the only good character in the whole freakin' movie. Not including hot redhead.

I mean. War'n peace? I just can't get enough of it. [so says the guy named after Mozart]
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You seriously haven't thought as far ahead as next week?
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No class schedule?
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I - guess that's the typical high school feeling. I should've figured.
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It does. But whatever you decide to do next, that'll make a bigger impression.
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It's an even worse time to let other people make that decision for you.
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Think you'll win?