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Jul. 3rd, 2016 07:07 pm
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Hello Players

Sadly it is time for another sticky post.

We're always happy to update the tag requests so keep them coming. You're always welcome to come request more and if you think we've missed one there's no harm in re-requesting it.

TAG REQUESTS go here. The instructions are on the post!
Reports of abuse/harassment go here. Again, instructions are on the post!
We don't like to see it and we are happy that for the most part it seems like it isn't necessary, but the mods are not all seeing.
If you see harassment/abuse please bring it to mod attention so it can be dealt with as needed!

Okay. Now it's time for a couple rules updates.
  • Real life tragedies, deaths and disasters have no place being discussed within [community profile] dear_player. Doing so is a banable offense. These tragedies have no place in our community and discussing them here will not be tolerated.
  • Likewise this community is not a place for arguing or discussing religious, political, or personal views and beliefs.

Posts being used as soapboxes for a player's personal beliefs or opinions about the real world, using their characters as a mouthpiece for such, or discussing real life topics of a sensitive or upsetting manner may be deleted.

If the mod team sees this becoming a frequent issue, we will ban character journals responsible for crossing this line.

This community is for use as a roleplay community for discussing roleplay scenarios, situations and thoughts. Please keep this in mind going forward.

Lastly, if there is anything you would like to see from [community profile] dear_player in the future, or if you have any suggestions/comments, please feel free to leave them in the screened comment section below!

Sincerely, your [community profile] dear_player mods!
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[deep breath. exhale. inhale.]

I understand. This is about your entertainment, not me.

Horror and sex. It's like the most basic good and evil situation.

[Sighing, Link shakes his head.]

Do the extremes have to be so... extreme, though?
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Yes, please try and contain your excitement and surprise, I do have a face, no I am not a walking suit of armor.

Did you really think that I was?

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I do not understand.  What is so cute about how I sit and why are you 'freaking out' about it?
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8th Grade Syndrome? Even the database doesn't have information on the topic, please teach me.
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Aimless. Not lost, not going anywhere. [ The last consonant churns into a growl. As it rumbles off, he takes a deep breath. Shuts his eyes briefly, like it'll brace him, then he lifts his hand, points a finger, and resumes his address with with novel attachment to the task. ]

Fuck you.
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[Takkar looks quite confused, and a little on edge as he looks around. It was cold here, and the lack of trees, dirt and animals was unnerving for his Neolithic mind.]

You are no spirit, but I cannot see or touch you. What are you, what do you call yourself?

[It's clear he's trying to talk to his mun.]
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Let's not deny this.

You know you want to.

You're bored just leaving me wasting away doing nothing.

You know you want to put me somewhere. You want to think I can "change," despite all evidence to the contrary. You really are a masochist, aren't ya? Yeah, you like this. You just want to have someone truly challenging you around. Why do you keep denying it?

Give up already, and submit. Complications will sort themselves out. You'll see.
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 So, I'm gettin' brought out for a spin? Alright. Nothin' wrong with givin' it a shot, yeah? Not like we've got a lot of other things to be doin' right now, so this might as well happen.
Can't say I'm real concerned as to whether 'r not we're goin' anywhere with this, so hey-- take your time! Relax. You're workin' on gettin' back into writin', anyway, an' I don't mind bein' the guy you do it with. I'm alright playin' second fiddle so long's it means I get to play in the first place.

Buu-uuut...if y'do decide I'm gonna be full-time, well-- you know what t' do. Just gonna throw that out there!
(An' go to sleep, damn. You're done for the night, an' we both know it. No use gettin' yourself even more out'a whack stayin' up.)
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"Pressured"? Come on, that's a slight exaggeration, isn't it?

What really happened is that you came up with a good pun and stole it before anybody else could touch it. Don't twist the truth just for your own gain.

[A long suffering sighTM.] Well... for the time being, I may as well set up shop here. Don't have much better to do while I'm waiting for you to make up your mind about a home.
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Ohhhh, je vous demande pardon? Am I reading that title correctly, my dear? You're missing me, even after so casually abandoning the plans I'd set into motion for that city?

Why, I'm not so sure who you think you're talking to, mundane...

...but you of all people should know that forgiving is not very often a word used to describe me.


Heh, heh! We did have some good times, boogieing along in that city though, didn't we? Say, remember when I lured an idiot who thought they were one of my closest friends into my lair, and I ended up using his abilities to enslave his friends while capturing all new people to torture? Remember how I left so many bodies twisted and broken? Oh, and we can't forget the lovely addition I left the Western District! Oh, I suppose I'm simply going soft these days from nostalgia, as old programs will!

[and just like that you deserve to be set on fire again. for fuck's sake, AM, really.]

Now, now, you can't honestly say you're surprised to see me again, can you? Huh?

Yes, because bright, saccharine worlds where love and trust and friendship hold all the answers are totally your bag, aren't they, mundane? Worlds where everything is a honeyed pie cooling on the window sill! Kids cheerily picking flowers in the backyard to the plinking of an ice cream truck chugging down the lane on Easter Sunday! Sweet fairytale nothings, that's what you're all about, isn't it, my dear?

[...well shit. might have to plead the fifth on that one.]



Take a look at where you tend to gravitate before you start casting stones, sweetheart.

I think you and I know by now just why we tend to click.
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Don't worry just yet. I know better than most — it's been a long time.
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... I live in here now.

Thanks for the invitation.
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You're right, I really don't like him.

But I trust my daughter, that she will make the right choices and choose the right path. I believe in her. So if she chooses to spend her time with him and travel with him, then I won't question it.

However, that is not the point of this meeting. I believe the point is to find out what it is that you have planned and to come to some sort of agreement as to how to proceed. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, and my duties as the chieftain of Menagerie are not to be taken lightly. So I don't have the time to go off on some ridiculous journey or pointless quest. Or to play games. Why would anyone go to a third of these places you know of anyways?

So now what is it that you would like to propose? And don't waste my time.
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Um...mun? I know character analyzers are nice and all, but...perhaps you should focus on the actual writing? The story won't make any progress like this, and I...really don't have time to sit here and wait.

[She's especially worried because said story is about her.]
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So that is your justification? That whatever you're doing could be worse, so therefore what you are choosing to do is not that bad? I do not believe that is how this works.

You're normally quite good to me. Why have you decided to inflict this "minor" trauma?
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Mundane? I'm sorry but I really need to get back to the manor. It isn't that I'm not happy or grateful you picked me but...well if Black Hat finds out I'm not at work, I'm going to be in trouble. Big trouble. And I want to avoid any unnecessary pain. It's not something I enjoy, you know. Mun? Mundane? ...Mr. Mundane?

Are you listening to me?

...No. You're looking at memes.

Oh dear...

[He's just going to lay down and await his inevitable fate.]
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I can't say that I'm particularly surprised by the series of events that lead to my coming to this place. Curiosity does lead a person down quite a few roads they didn't think they'd go, do they not? Indeed, I was wondering if you would give up on your "review" when you realized how daunting a task it would be, but it seems like I need not have been concerned.

Now, here we are, at the cusp of my "becoming," as it were. Either you shall find my voice or I shall slip back into the shadows. And after all that work. If I may, I believe that there is worth in my going to these multiverses. There is so much chaos and the hearts of the people are quite lost, wouldn't you say?

Oh. Don't mind me. Just idle chit-chatting, as it were, and thinking of how sad it would be to allow people to continue to wallow in helplessness and despair. But please, continue to decide on my voice. That is far more important -- and I do mean that honestly. I would hate not to sound like myself.
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 I am not a phantom thief magnet.  They just happen to show up in the same place as me.
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Seems the Phantom Thieves have caught your full attention.

Although it looks like we're not the first.

[Goodness there are a bunch of thieves in this mindspace. He could practically start a new team, but Joker is rather fond of the one he already has.]

Wait until you see the next heist. We're nowhere near done yet.


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