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Jul. 3rd, 2016 07:07 pm
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Hello Players

Sadly it is time for another sticky post.

We're always happy to update the tag requests so keep them coming. You're always welcome to come request more and if you think we've missed one there's no harm in re-requesting it.

TAG REQUESTS go here. The instructions are on the post!
Reports of abuse/harassment go here. Again, instructions are on the post!
We don't like to see it and we are happy that for the most part it seems like it isn't necessary, but the mods are not all seeing.
If you see harassment/abuse please bring it to mod attention so it can be dealt with as needed!

Okay. Now it's time for a couple rules updates.
  • Real life tragedies, deaths and disasters have no place being discussed within [community profile] dear_player. Doing so is a banable offense. These tragedies have no place in our community and discussing them here will not be tolerated.
  • Likewise this community is not a place for arguing or discussing religious, political, or personal views and beliefs.

Posts being used as soapboxes for a player's personal beliefs or opinions about the real world, using their characters as a mouthpiece for such, or discussing real life topics of a sensitive or upsetting manner may be deleted.

If the mod team sees this becoming a frequent issue, we will ban character journals responsible for crossing this line.

This community is for use as a roleplay community for discussing roleplay scenarios, situations and thoughts. Please keep this in mind going forward.

Lastly, if there is anything you would like to see from [community profile] dear_player in the future, or if you have any suggestions/comments, please feel free to leave them in the screened comment section below!

Sincerely, your [community profile] dear_player mods!
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Isn't it dreadful curious that you find yourself easier settled into my ways of thinking and seeing when you've had a pipe full of that kindest flower? New ideas of higher planes indeed.
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Oh wow, an update! That must be exciting for you! I know I'm excited, imagine what kind of new features there will be that haven't been announced yet. I thought I was excited for the new M2D model but this is better.

Do you really think Haseo will get a new Job Extension to be a Blade Brandier? I agree, it does look kind of like it but it's hard to tell in those last few seconds.

I can see why you're replaying the games now instead of waiting. I hope it won't spoil the fun- oh who am I kidding, I'm sure you'll still enjoy it. There's always something new to discover.
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Your desire to catalog all of my family's idiosyncrasies and your increasingly strange theories about whatever Alistair Holmes is up to trouble me greatly. There are nearly eight months until the last book in the series comes out, and it probably won't have particularly good news for anyone. The official summary that came out today certainly doesn't suggest I'm making another miraculous return. 


Jun. 27th, 2017 07:34 pm
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So your interest returns. What of the Dwarves? Why do you bring them to my attention? Their tale under Thorin Oakenshield is done. {Does that sadden him? It is hard to say. Thranduil has a tendency not to emote.} I would much rather think of my son and my people.

We all must focus on the living and leave the dead to rest. {A task he has shouldered for many a season.} I know that is a difficult task, but worthwhile in the end.
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 Got real creative with that username there, huh, mun?
2hellwiththe1stlaw: (meh)
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OK so...

You sent me to a place with no guns.

No Deathtrap.

Not even my kick ass Robo arm.

Where Handsome Jack is alive...AND HAPPY!

And I cannot kill him again.

Dude...I thought we were friends. What the fuck?
manbaby: (pic#11527677)
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Traveling to another planet, hm?

Some might call such a sentiment... otherworldly.

Ho! Please, please. Hold the applause. There is plenty more where that came from.
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Doesn't matter. You're a sheep like everyone else. Though it's nice to watch other people suffer, isn't it? You'll get what's coming to you.
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You're arriving a little late to this party, don't you think, Mundane? And let's face it—it's not as though you actually know all that much about me, aside from what can be surmised due to my position and Grindelwald's muster-passing impersonation.

Needless to say, your intention of 'making stuff up' doesn't exactly fill me with glee.
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Wouldn't recommend it.

Inviting me into your mind, that is. Let's just say I'm poor company.
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Is it... a normal, human emotional response — to feel the most alive, just before you die?

[ could this be purely hypothetical? she thinks back to a lake that she was convinced, in all her limited exposure to the outside world and its beliefs, was the closest thing to heaven. it was simple there: quiet, the light was clear and cloudless. there were no walls. ]

I suppose I can ask you and those around us such questions, given that you appear to consider me a viable product stream.

[ a purposefully companionable head tilt. ]

I am... glad you did not share their opinion. Thank you.
realheel: (RUTH | 06)
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So this is like an audition? Or a dress rehearsal? I didn't get any sides. You... don't know what those are.

Okay, that's fine. I haven't gotten any of those in a while anyway. And I'm not looking for work, for once. I think. I'm not, right?

Just in case! )
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I suppose I'm just here because you're feeling nostalgic, with it being twenty years since the first Harry book came out.

[ she sounds almost annoyed, but then smiles. ]

Time certainly flies.
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If you're coming along for the ride, you'd better buckle up.
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You shouldn't be so nervous with me. I'm more than patient enough to let you learn the way I speak.

I am proud that you've come this far alone. Despite what you may say to yourself, you must remember... A negative voice cares nothing but destruction. You are much stronger than you realize you are. You're going to be alright.
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[ Someone is not happy. ]

WHAT? You're actually going to let that Hakuba Bastard catch me?

I don't know if you just forgot or what but I'm supposed to be intangible.
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Fraulein, we have barely been introduced. Explain to me as to why you are pulling me away from my work and into whatever or wherever this strange cleft between worlds is. Your actions are not only rude and abrupt, but they also border on a kind of kidnapping.

Though this 'headspace' of yours hosts some personages who might be of interest to me.

((OOC: Mun has only read the short stories and just started reading the first book, so character voice is still developing.)
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Aw man - why'd they end it there?!

It feels like it's taken forever, but it's finally here! Universe 6 Saiyans, the Pride Troopers, all those other universes... I wanna see what everyone can do! Nobody better hold anything back!

Hey, mun! Think you could sleep for a week or so? I dunno if I can wait that long to see what happens next!
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I understand it's not an easy choice to make, nor should it be. Each person carries their own choices and experiences to create their own 'melody,' and together they create a grand one. Still...

[ Slowly, a smile graces her lips—soft, fragile, and with notes of sadness. ]

A decision has to be made. Afterward, we can only honour and uphold it.
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I have as many questions as you, my Lady Mun. There is so much Ciel doesn't tell me... I hope this isn't another one of those things.

Or worse, something I...

[ Maybe this time she's the one keeping secrets...? ]

If only things were still as simple as finding Easter eggs.

I don't know what is the right thing to do here.


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