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Jul. 3rd, 2016 07:07 pm
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Hello Players

Sadly it is time for another sticky post.

We're always happy to update the tag requests so keep them coming. You're always welcome to come request more and if you think we've missed one there's no harm in re-requesting it.

TAG REQUESTS go here. The instructions are on the post!
Reports of abuse/harassment go here. Again, instructions are on the post!
We don't like to see it and we are happy that for the most part it seems like it isn't necessary, but the mods are not all seeing.
If you see harassment/abuse please bring it to mod attention so it can be dealt with as needed!

Okay. Now it's time for a couple rules updates.
  • Real life tragedies, deaths and disasters have no place being discussed within [community profile] dear_player. Doing so is a banable offense. These tragedies have no place in our community and discussing them here will not be tolerated.
  • Likewise this community is not a place for arguing or discussing religious, political, or personal views and beliefs.

Posts being used as soapboxes for a player's personal beliefs or opinions about the real world, using their characters as a mouthpiece for such, or discussing real life topics of a sensitive or upsetting manner may be deleted.

If the mod team sees this becoming a frequent issue, we will ban character journals responsible for crossing this line.

This community is for use as a roleplay community for discussing roleplay scenarios, situations and thoughts. Please keep this in mind going forward.

Lastly, if there is anything you would like to see from [community profile] dear_player in the future, or if you have any suggestions/comments, please feel free to leave them in the screened comment section below!

Sincerely, your [community profile] dear_player mods!
kurobakeneko: ([たいくつです。 ]taikutsu desu.)
[personal profile] kurobakeneko
You're a little...in over your head, aren't you? [A soft sigh escapes Nao as he stares at this child.] Your enthusiasm is much appreciated but you're not completely finished yet.

An incomplete portrait holds very little value in comparison to one that is complete. I highly suggest you finish what you've began rather than get sidetracked now.

[The damn cat is scolding her again.]

Isn't that what happened last time to dear "Shinobu"? I don't think he'll ever forgive you for replacing him.
wednesdays: (Default)
[personal profile] wednesdays
Playing the long con? No, you're not that smart. You're not that patient either. There's that spark of recklessness in you, but you're not nearly interesting enough to throw it around your neck like a noose and make a big show out of it. You haven't even seen the story yet, have you?

No, not all of it. Some. You're young and irreverent, which is almost forgivable.

Almost. What do you say to some olives? A bit of kidney? If I'm going to be bored out of my fucking mind we might as well find something good to eat.
dorneish: <user name=easystreet> (pic#11672973)
[personal profile] dorneish
...The world has moved beyond me, my sweet writer. Dragons, horrors beyond the wall. Burning ships and dead daughters.

Life has moved beyond simple pleasures from the brothel. And well beyond, I fear for any justice in any life for Elia.
fatedcontract: (looking)
[personal profile] fatedcontract
So, here we are.

Honestly, I wasn't really expecting you to pick me. Maybe Elizabeth again but not me.

I guess we're in this together for the long run then since you're going to replay the game finally. Maybe we'll get to see the rest of SEES, even if the fourth and fifth games are more popular.
eol: (★ desolate)
[personal profile] eol
[He holds a javelin at his side and he sits, hunched, in shadow.]

All has been taken from me. What more could any power desire? Shall you tear my flesh from my bones? Drain me of blood? Do not forget the bone marrow for it is nutritious!

[His brief spurt of energy does not last and he sits back, cold as stone.]

My spirit has fled and so should you.
bombatea: (oi)
[personal profile] bombatea
...What? It was a good plan! Roadhog nodded! Didn't'cha see the nod?

[He looks absolutely offended that someone might think otherwise.]

Just went a bit awry at the end there. No worries. If at first ya don't succeed and all that!

Gonna get hoooooome! To Junk-er-toooooown!
zunesareawesome: (Default)
[personal profile] zunesareawesome
Stop focusing on Rocket, he's not cute!

Okay, maybe when he's not spoutin' off insults.

No, I haven't tried giving him sugar cubes to see if he'll wash 'em in water and freak out when they disappear.

...heh. Be right back.
curiositydies: weaving a dream (you are an ocean of waves)
[personal profile] curiositydies
Well, well. It's been a while, hasn't it?

This...will make my studies much easier.
zackthekiller: (Are you kidding me?!)
[personal profile] zackthekiller
[Zack just stares at the new arrivals for a moment.]

... Who the hell are these guys?

I kind of hope they get mauled or something because damn, they're weird.
brule: (pic#11668927)
[personal profile] brule
Scared that I'll burn that stupid holy maiden alive for daring to exist in the same place than me? Worry not, silly writer; I couldn't give less of a shit about that saint's existence.

I must admit, it's not as much of a bore as I thought at first. Still, you ought to try harder if you really want to earn my approval. Even then, isn't the competition rather tough? Are you sure you can do it? Let's just say that if you were a Master, the idea of winning the Holy Grail War with you would be like a bad joke.

But please, do try. Your struggles amuse me so.
hardestbattle: (Default)
[personal profile] hardestbattle
You've finished my story have you? Part of my story.

'Finished it.'
'They've finished it.'
'But who are they? What do they want?'
'They want....'
'What is it?'
'Hmm, hehe...they want to control her.'

[Senua knew the whisperings could not be heard by others, could not be understood by others who were not her. They couldn't see the world she sees. A world of twisting shapes, patterns and horrors and beauty.]

Take me away then, wherever you wish, I haven't anything left.
sakabroto: (This is bullshit!!)
[personal profile] sakabroto
So the first time you want to test me out is to send to me a place where Earth gets destroyed? What kind of sci-fi bullshit is this?!

...I mean, I guess I won't have to worry about tests and homework anymore...

[p r i o r i t i e s]

B-But that ain't the point! I'm so not cool with the Earth being dead!

And I'd have to get a job? Seriously?
rites: (Default)
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Another life, is it? Very well.

I suppose it'd be presumptuous for a dead man to say anything else.
ofhonorandfreedom: (Default)
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I don't know what you hope to gain from this. You know as well as I that Marcus is not here, nor will he ever be.

At least I'll have earned some peace and quiet here, even though it comes with overwhelming boredom.
moonsmile: (eyes to the skies)
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[She adjusts her eclipseglasses.]

This is a nice day.

mantrap: (♣ i think it's suppertime)
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Why not take a trip down to the Wholesale Flower District today, Mun?

I'm sure you'll find something worth buyin'. There's never been a better time to start looking for a new lease on life, and I guarantee you'll find just the thing that's strange and interesting enough to serve you down the path of success.


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